Tuesday, May 08, 2007


As I was waiting for my bus I noticed two buses approaching. While both buses travel on different routes they eventually end up at the station I need to get off at. One bus was approaching the bus stop and the other was seconds behind. The one at the bus stop was slightly slower than the one at the back. I decided to go for the one in front.

On the bus I thought to myself, what difference does it make anyway which bus I'm on? Just because I choose something doesn't mean it is the right way; it is simply a matter of what I've got used to choosing. Besides, as Spirit I am in every route.

A few stops down, the bus behind overtook my bus. My bus kept up with the one in front until they arrived at the junction where they parted company: the one in front went left and the bus I was in went right. I wondered which one was going to arrive at the main road first.

At the main road, I saw the one in front was slightly ahead and had stopped at the next bus stop. As no one wanted to get off at that stop, my bus sped ahead and we arrived at the bus station before the one behind.

It's so easy to get attached to a way of being that you start to believe that you are your preferences.

Just because I choose one route over many others doesn't mean it's the right route to use; it is simply a preference.

Just because I was born into the family I was doesn't mean I did so because of "karmic" reasons; the me that I am being now is simply a preference.

Writing is an instrument I choose to express myself. Just because I am being a writer doesn't mean it's the only way that's appropriate for me; it is simply a preference.

The truth is as Spirit, I am in all bus routes, all families, all art forms.

I am not my preference, I am Spirit making a preference.


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