Friday, May 11, 2007

The REAL Secret

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth* and beings called Humours. God blessed Humours and gave them power to create joy and humour. God also warned Humours to avoid the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil or they will die.

Humours had a whale of a time being happy and jolly and having a ball. Life was always fun.

One day a Humour walked by the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Tree: Hey Humour, come over here!

Humour: What's up tree? Why don't you come down and join the party and have some fun.

Tree: I'm having way too much fun here, thank you.

Humour: Suit yourself. Have fun anyway.

Tree: Wait! Why don't you have some of my fruits? I've been dying to share my fruits but no one wants to share them with me.

Humour: That's because God said we shouldn't eat from your tree or we will die.

Tree: I'm sure God wouldn't mind if you take one bite. Besides, it will be a laugh.

Humour: Are you sure I won't die?

Tree: Of course I'm sure. I'll tell you a secret. The reason why God doesn't want you to eat my fruits is because your eyes will be open.

Humour (chuckling): What do you mean?

Tree: You will learn a lot about yourself as a Humour.

Humour: You're having a laugh, right?

Tree: No, I'm deadly serious.

Humour: What do you mean by "deadly serious"?

Tree: Eat my fruits and find out.

Humour decided there was no harm in having one bite. He liked it so much he ate several fruits. Being a good-natured kind of Humour, he decided to share his fruits with the first Humour he came across. The other Humour ate it and liked it.

Suddenly, their eyes were open; both Humours realised they were different. One had boobs and the other had a willy. They bickered over their differences. They were so disruptive the other Humours didn't know how to deal with them so Humours created another world and sent the disruptive Humours to live in that world.

As you can see, death occurred when Humours lost their humour and became humans.

In the new world, humans gave birth to more humans and yet deep inside they knew there was more to them than just being human, but they were still stuck being humans. From time to time Humours were sent to the world humans now lived in to remind them about their true nature as Humours. They were taught that one way to regain your Humour is to stop trying to make others wrong for being who they are. Accept everyone. Love yourself and you will be Humours.

Now that you know the REAL Secret, please forward this message to others so they too can awaken to their true selves as Humours.

Forward to one friend and you'll receive two jokes for free.
Forward to 5 friends and you'll receive 50 free tickets to a comedy club.
Forward to 100 friends and you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.
Keep this message to yourself and you will still be blessed with humour.

Blessings to all Humours.


* This story was inspired from the creation story in the Bible in Genesis 2.

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