Friday, May 25, 2007

Spirit Folk

In the sci-fi series called StarTrek, which is about a crew exploring space in a spaceship, there is a technology on board called the holodeck. Let's say, a crew member wants to experience a reality, all he needs to do is write the equivalent computer programme, run the programme on the holodeck, enter the programme and have the experience. When a group wants to experience a reality, they write the programme collectively based on each person's preferences and then experience the reality collectively. When they've had enough of the experience they simply exit by asking the computer to end the programme.

In the StarTrek Voyager episode, Spirit Folk the crew have been running a programme that Harry Kim and Tom Paris created of an Irish village called "Fair Haven" that is set in the early 20th century. Whenever members of Voyager pay Fair Haven a visit, they dress just like the locals. The villagers have no idea that they are programmes and believe they are real humans. The crew end up forming strong ties with the people of Fair Haven; the captain has even fallen in love with the manager at the local pub.

On one occasion, Harry goes out on a date with Maggie from Fair Haven. Just as he's is about to kiss Maggie, his friend Tom decides to play a practical joke on him by rewriting the programme, which transforms Maggie into a cow. Unfortunately for Tom, two Fair Haven locals witness this transformation. The villagers are now suspicious of the Voyager crew who they now believe to be Spirit folk with magical powers. The villagers corner Tom and Harry and accuse them of witchcraft. Because of a malfunction in the programme, Tom and Harry are not able to exit the programme and they are captured. The villagers tie them up and perform incantations to banish them to the "other side" but their incantations don't work.

To cut a long story short, the captain eventually confesses to the villagers that they are not from Fair Haven but are explorers travelling on a space ship. The captain doesn't tell the villagers the whole truth that they are only computer programmes. The locals accept her explanation and the crew continues to be friends with the villagers.

I believe earth is a programme that we've all collectively written. Even though it feels like we're on some part of the galaxy, the truth is we've never left home. We are Spirit beings playing at being human. The programmes we have all written are meant to be harmless fun.

However, what has happened is some people have forgotten that they have written the programme and that they can change the programme if it's not to their satisfaction. When those who remember who they are change the programme, they are seen as Spirit folk and put on a pedestal. The truth is we are all Spirit folk.

How do you change the programme? Remember that you are Love dreaming about love.

Sweet dreams!


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