Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Whiling the Time Away

On the bus several kids and their parents got on. The kids sat behind me and their dad sat next to me. They were playing "spot the pink taxi" which became "spot the pink car." After a while they changed the game to "spot the green car" because they couldn't see any pink cars. It was time for me to intervene. I told them that I've seen a few pink cars. I said I used to have a dream about wanting to see pink cars and my dream came true in the form of fuchsia taxis, then pink cars, then pink taxis.

Their dad told me they were actually playing Snooker and the car colours were their way of potting the different colours though they had been stuck on pink for quite a while. He said at least that kept them entertained during the journey. I thought it was an interesting way to while the time away.

Here's one game I like to play while I'm travelling on the bus: the "game of tarring everyone with the same brush." I see every experience as Light. If it's raining I call it Light rain or Light weather; I travel on Light buses with Light passengers and Light drivers; I see Light houses and Light buildings; I see Light people everywhere; I see Light trees, flowers and fauna; I have a Light body and have Light feelings and Light thoughts; all is Light.

The "game of tarring everyone with the same brush" is not only a fun way to while the time away, it also reminds me that all is Light.

Right then. This is the end of this Light article, which I'm now going to publish on my Light blog so I can share with my Light readers.

Have a Light day!

Light Enocia

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