Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Collective Consciousness

A friend and I exchanged emails recently about our love for cats and dogs. I said while I appreciate dogs I prefer cats because they can be a bit stuck-up.

Cats and dogs appear to be very different in terms of their nature and the way they express their love. Cats tend to be very independent and can cope when left on their own, while dogs need companionship and like to be taken for their long walks.

Now I'm aware I'm making a sweeping statement here about cats and dogs. Not all cats are independent; some cats like staying at home and like company. Not all dogs like company; some are happy being left alone. In fact, when I lived in Sierra Leone, people didn't take their dogs for walks, dogs went on their own walks. Dogs could fend for themselves when the need arose. So it all depends really on what culture the dog or cat is living in, the cat or dog's temperament, and one's expectations or beliefs.

When I share an expectation about how dogs or cats should behave, I am tapping into the equivalent collective consciousness that supports that expectation, which is going to influence my relationship with my cat or dog friend.

There are many different kinds of collective consciousness one can buy into including: race, gender, culture, nationality, class, profession, sexuality, religion, politics, philosophy...etc. Each consciousness comes with its own paradigm or world view, which influences the way I experience the world. Put another way, when I'm wearing rose-tinted glasses, I see the world in a rose-tinted way.

The only collective consciousness I accept as truth is LIGHT. Some of Its attributes are: abundance, beauty, being, creativity, freedom, goodness, grace, harmony, imagination, infinity, inspiration, intelligence, joy, life, light, love, magic, oneness, peace, perfection, power, radiance, spirit, truth, wisdom, wonder etc. LIGHT was never created and has no beginning or end.

I believe LIGHT is constantly expressing Itself in myriads of ways. For instance, right now as I am writing this piece I see LIGHT expressing itself as Intelligence in the form of the computer, the Internet, my body, the ideas, and it's all good. LIGHT's intention is to express oneness in all ways. When my focus is elsewhere, I'm not going to see all the goodness that's all around me as illustrated in the following examples.

Last night I watched a documentary about airport security. Someone secretly filmed staff who were meant to be monitoring baggage for suspicious packages. A few of the staff were either busy reading newspapers or not doing their jobs properly and putting travellers' lives at risk. My mother, who I was watching the documentary with, was horrified and thought their actions were "unpardonable", and that they should be fired. Although I didn't agree with my mother's views, I could understand where she was coming from. If I didn't know that I live and have my being in LIGHT, I would probably be concerned. The world must seem very scary if your reality is based only on appearances.

In another documentary we watched recently (my mother loves documentaries), two journalists got jobs as supermarket assistants so they could investigate staff's awareness of hygiene. They secretly filmed staff handling meat products and not washing their hands. They also filmed staff selling products that had gone way passed their use-by-date in order that the department could make more money. It was enough to put one off shopping at supermarkets forever. I wasn't concerned because I know Love is in all.

LIGHT is the only collective consciousness I buy into.


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