Friday, June 22, 2007

Delays are in Perfect Order

The bus I was waiting for seems to be taking ages to arrive. Another bus arrived. I figured I would take it to the next stop and then catch other buses from there. It was then I spotted the bus I wanted arriving . I beckoned for the driver to stop but he drove right by. Brilliant, just bloody brilliant! Now I'm going to have to wait for another one. I decided to walk to the next stop. I noticed the bus I wanted was stuck at the traffic light. I motioned to the driver that he had not stopped at the last stop. He opened the doors to let me in and apologised for not stopping. Not to worry, at least I did catch it!

At my stop I thanked the driver and said goodbye. As I was crossing the road I saw a friend approaching me. Funny enough I thought about her only yesterday and wondered how she was. So that's why my journey was delayed, so we could link up. Why didn't you just say so, Universe? My friend and I chatted for a few minutes, hugged and said goodbye.

Even when situations appear to be chaotic, it's all in perfect order. Love is really all there is.


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