Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dreamer and Stalker

"To be a sorcerer," don Juan continued, "doesn't mean to practice witchcraft, or to work to affect people, or to be possessed by demons. To be a sorcerer means to reach a level of awareness that makes inconceivable things available. The term 'sorcery' is inadequate to express what sorcerers do, and so is the term 'shamanism.' The actions of sorcerers are exclusively in the realm of the abstract, the impersonal. Sorcerers struggle to reach a goal that has nothing to do with the quests of an average man. Sorcerers' aspirations are to reach infinity, and to be conscious of it." The Active Side of Infinity by Carlos Castaneda, p. 69

Don Juan had also told me all along that sorcerers were divided into two groups: one group were dreamers; the other was stalkers. The dreamers were those who had a great facility for displacing the assemblage point. The stalkers were those who had a great facility for maintaining the assemblage point fixed on that new position. Dreamers and stalkers complemented each other, and worked in pairs, affecting one another with their given proclivities. The Active Side of Infinity by Carlos Castaneda, p. 180
An assemblage point is simply a paradigm, model of reality or world view.

Let's say I consider myself to be a believer or follower of a particular philosophy. As I practise this philosophy and give it all my focus, my assemblage point gets fixed in a position, which enables me to filter my experiences through the teachings and doctrines of that philosophy. What if I wish to experience a new assemblage position? How can I move the assemblage point permanently and effortlessly to my preferred position?

Years ago, I put out the intention that I wanted out of the birth and death cycle. While I was aware that the paradigm of wholeness and perfection existed, my assemblage point was stuck in the dominant paradigm of belief in limitation, decay, disease and death. Once I had put out the intention, I had to let the assemblage point be moved to the paradigm of Perfection. The Perfection paradigm attracted to me books that reminded me of my true nature as Spirit. I was inspired by people who trusted in the God Power within them to meet all their needs met effortlessly. I soon realised that the purpose of these wonderful and inspiring teachings was to introduce me to the new paradigm and help displace my assemblage point from the birth and death cycle. To make the paradigm permanent I had to apply these principles in everyday life. In other words, walk the talk.

One such occasion arose while I was on a retreat and I fell ill. I was inspired to let the Perfection that I am express as wholeness. In other words, do nothing, just simply be. That was when all hell broke lose because my assemblage point was still stuck in the position of doing something to get better. I had read the books and I'd even memorised many passages from the Bible, but when it came to the crunch I was still stuck in the old ways. I wasn't used to simply being and lettings things happen. Fortunately I was able to experience the crisis and anxieties without any distraction. I persisted and let it happen and I got well. From that moment onwards I knew I had succeeded in moving my assemblage point to my preferred position of being.

Now that I'd experienced the new position, I had to practise maintaining the assemblage point at that position. When I was tempted to experience life from the old paradigm, I would recall that or similar experiences I've had, which would then shift my assemblage point to the preferred position.

I have written elsewhere that the experiences I share in my blogs are reminders to myself about my nature as Spirit. Actually, they also enable me to displace my assemblage point from the old position and to maintain the assemblage point in my preferred position. For instance, yesterday when I had a stomach ache I re-read the article, Undoing Programmes with the Light Grid - Part 2. I asked the dreamer and stalker in that article to undo the pain and guide me into a place of relief. I remained in silence and let the "sorcerers" do their work.

I am Dreamer and Stalker.


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