Friday, June 01, 2007

Moisturising Cream

Some nights when I have a shower I wash my face with shower gel. Once I've finished having a shower I moisturise my body with baby lotion, none of the fancy product just the supermarket brand, and I go to bed. I don't bother about moisturising my face. If I don't have a shower before bed I tend to sleep with my makeup on. Before I put on my makeup I use the same baby lotion I use on my skin. I do find that my skin does get dry even after using lotion. This is when I top up with my other moisturiser - light.

Though I appear to be solid, in essence I am fluid and shimmering, light. I like to think of Light as the yolk or albumen of an egg. I imagine myself being this liquid light and then let the Light renew and rejuvenate my skin. Now, that's what I call moisturising cream!

I am Liquid Light.


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