Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Naked Truth

So I told my mother I was going to hang out at the Southbank where there were going to be festivals celebrating the reopening of the refurbished Royal Festival Hall building. I said if she fancied it, she could join me at the library and then we could go together. Mum turned up all hot and bothered and said she would like to sit by the river, which she was hoping would be a lot cooler.

On our way to the bus stop we spotted the bus we wanted but it was too late to catch it. While we waited another bus turned up. Mum said "On your bike, we don't need you," which made me chuckle. By the way, "on your bike" is Brit speak for "go away!"

The Southbank was heaving with people. The promenade by the river was also crowded. We decided to relax on a comfy sofa upstairs in the Royal Festival Hall and then decide what to do next. There was a concert going on in the hall close by. Mum didn't fancy it, she was just happy to people-watch. When the concert finished we watched the audience milling around. A little girl caught our attention. She had taken off her dress and only had her panties on.

"There's someone who is not self-conscious at all about showing her body," I said to mum.

Mum agreed. I thought about what it would be like if people didn't have inhibitions and undressed when they felt like it. I imagined all these naked people around me. There wouldn't be any need for naturism.

Mum suggested we leave at a certain time as there was a programme on television we both wanted to watch. I said we had loads of time and suggested we leave thirty minutes later. She agreed.

Finally, we headed for the bus stop. While we were waiting I noticed some police bikers. What's going on? Soon there was a whole group of cyclists. These were no ordinary cyclists, they were cycling naked. Nah, I must be seeing things! Nope. It was some kind of a protest and majority of the cyclists were in their birthday suits. I took a flyer off one naked cyclist which read:

"This is a worldwide naked protest against the destructive effects of oil dependency and car culture. We ride in celebration of the human body, and the bike." World Naked Bike Ride UK
Blimey, these riders have got balls, literally! There were balls (and boobs) of different shapes and sizes bobbing around. Us spectators had a ball. I also found it amusing that I had been fantasising about naked people and I got to see naked people in abundance. A few naked cyclists were chanting "On your bike!" Is there an echo or what?

This is my idea of heaven, where everyone has the freedom to express their beliefs any way they choose. Some protests can be very entertaining indeed.

Right then, I'm off to enjoy the dream. I assure you I won't be taking my clothes off today; I simply haven't got the balls.

Happy dreaming!


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