Friday, June 08, 2007

Nice to Meet You Too

Yesterday while I was working on the computer I felt something crawling up my arm, which felt ticklish. It was an ant. It crawled round my little finger and I let it drop to the floor. After a few minutes I felt another ant crawling on my arm and I flicked it off me.

Later while I was having a shower I noticed a swelling on my arm. Where did that come from? Had the ant stung me earlier without my noticing? I also noticed my little finger was slightly swollen.

Hang on a minute, this can't be happening! I know that I live in Love and all is Love. Those ants are my friends and were there to say hello. So why did I react to their love that way? I guess I must have subconsciously interpreted their intention as attack.

I remember when I once had a grit in my eyes and they stung like hell. I was able to reverse the effect by realising all is Love, including the grit which I saw as a Love grit. My eyes instantly stopped stinging.

All is Love including my ant friends. The swelling on my finger and arm have gone down.

It was lovely meeting you too, dear friends.

Love is all there is.


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