Monday, June 25, 2007

No Judgment

On the bus I heard the unmistakable buzz of a wasp though I couldn't see where it was. As I have no fear of wasps I went back to enjoying my journey. After a few minutes I heard the wasp again. A man sitting behind me speaking on his mobile phone swapped seats. A woman in front of me flinched away from the window. I patted her shoulder and assured her that the wasp wasn't going to hurt her. As soon as I said it, another woman sitting near the wasp hit it with a newspaper and that was the end of the wasp, but not its consciousness which is eternal.

I thought it was quite interesting how we had all reacted to the wasp based on our beliefs.

One passenger cringed at the sight of the wasp.
One passenger moved away at the sight of the wasp.
One passenger attacked the wasp.
I didn't mind the wasp keeping us company.

In that space where the wasp drama was occurring, I felt we were all accepted and loved regardless of our beliefs.

With love.


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