Friday, June 01, 2007

Oh No, Sports!

At the bus station a man was giving out a free magazine called Sport. As I'm not a great fan of sports, I thanked him but declined his offer. While I was waiting for my bus I had a thought that I shouldn't have rejected the magazine outright just because of its title. I had a feeling there was something in that magazine I could relate to. So I went back to the guy and asked for a magazine. He was delighted.

On the bus I flicked through the pages. One article that caught my attention was called "Paragliding - Fly Like a Bird."

"For the paraglider, the dream is to soar effortlessly among the clouds in a state of tranquillity, gazing down the landscape below. It is possible to cover large distances too. Some gliders in the UK have recorded flights of around 100 miles." written by Kevin Hughes
Why that sounds exactly like my nature as Spirit that is boundless.

The next article I read was called "The High Life" about rock climbing. One climber interviewed had this to say:

"I have never really been that scared when climbing," he says. "When you climb all the time, you tend to have a great understanding of your situation - and understanding means you can control it. When I was about 15, I fell about 50 feet and landed with my feet touching the ground. When you fall, you don't have time to be scared - it's too quick. Moments afterwards, the adrenaline kicks in and you just think: 'Cool, can we do that again?'" written by Mark Bailey
I can definitely relate to the rock climber. When I'm totally focused on what I'm doing, I can see that each moment is full of wonderful insights that I share in my blogs.

I guess it shows that my Love-Light is in all things, even sports magazines.


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