Friday, June 15, 2007

Projection - Revisited

Last night I watched another reality TV show called Britain's Got Talent. Before the contestants went on stage, the presenters asked them if they were nervous. Some of them said they were, imagined worse case scenarios, and hoped their fears wouldn't come true.

Producers like their shows to be challenging. If everyone is feeling confident there wouldn't be any tension or drama. Where there is no drama, there is no audience. No audience means no show, and no jobs for producers. To ensure there is drama you have to encourage contestants to feel the fear, project it and then go for it. Audience get their entertainment and everyone's a winner. Well, not quite, as there is usually only one winner.

Of itself, projection is neither good nor bad it's how I use it that counts. I could use projection to experience fear, drama or harmony. When I am projecting fear or harmony into the future, I am dreaming.

Let's say I believe I am lacking something. Because I am not seeing the evidence of whatever it is I believe I'm lacking, I project my anxieties about my lack into the future. When the next day arrives and the problem still hasn't been resolved I panic and project my fears again to the next day...and so it goes on. While I'm busy dreaming, I can't see what is right under my nose. That's one way of using projection.

On the other hand, I could use projection to experience happiness by hoping for the best in every way. Even when appearances would have me believe otherwise I could hope that wonderful things are happening. My hope becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and I end up experiencing a reality where life is constantly working out for the good of all.

Another option is I could simply focus on what I believe to be true. For me, omnipresent Love is my foundation. Where there is only Love, what need do I have to be fearful about the future when Love is already present? Love is the past, present and future.

Love is always active and working out for the good of all for all time.

Now that's my idea of projection!


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