Saturday, June 02, 2007

You are a Wonder!

I don't usually wear a bra because I don't need to. Only when I'm wearing a top that is a bit revealing or I need a bit of a lift, if you catch my drift, do I wear one. Today was one such occasion when I needed a lift.

After I put on my bra I said to my mother, "Do my boobs look fake in this?" She said they looked very real, as if they were all mine. Sorted!

That's the wonderful thing about the "Wonderbra" - it makes one who is less endowed appear to be very full. I would imagine there have been many occasions when men have discovered that the boobs they'd been lusting after were full of nothing.

Later as I was walking to the bus stop two guys approached me. One seemed pretty drunk. He told me he liked me and reached out to touch my boobs but I sidestepped him. Sucker!

Thank you Wonderbra; you are a wonder!


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